7 Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers

Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers - PPsmart App-Controlled

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the top pickleball machine ball throwers available in the market! As pickleball continues to surge in popularity, players are constantly seeking ways to improve their skills and elevate their game. A pickleball machine ball thrower can be a game-changer, offering consistent practice opportunities and allowing players to refine their techniques.

In this article, we’ll explore seven of the best pickleball machine ball throwers, considering factors such as durability, versatility, and advanced features. Whether you’re a beginner looking to enhance your fundamentals or a seasoned player aiming to sharpen your skills, there’s a pickleball machine on this list to suit your needs. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect companion for your pickleball training journey!

Table: Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers At A Glance:

Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers

Our thorough research and testing have brought us to select the finest pickleball machine ball throwers designed to enhance your game. These devices offer reliability, adjustable settings, and high-quality construction, catering to a wide range of skills and training needs. Whether you’re practicing alone or with a partner, our picks are guaranteed to elevate your on-court performance.

With all products, features can change, so be sure the qualities that attract you to the product are still the same before purchasing. 

Franklin Sports ProShot Launcher

If you’re looking to step up your pickleball game with continuous play, the Franklin ProShot Launcher is a decent choice for its convenience and portability.

Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers - Franklin Sports

While the Franklin ProShot doesn’t boast the large wheels or sleek design of the Lobster Pickle or the stainless steel construction of the most powerful machines, its compact design and lightweight frame ensures that moving it around is hassle-free.

The option to power it with batteries or an A/C adapter adds to its versatility. The setup is a no-fuss affair, and in no time at all, you’ll be able to start refining your shots.

With the ability to work on a multitude of shots, from dinks to power serves, this machine serves its purpose well. The automatic feed is timed at 8-9 second intervals, allows for a brief moment to reset after each shot, maintaining a rhythm that is both challenging and achievable.

Although the machine reliably spits out balls, some patience is essential while practicing. The lack of an adjustable feed rate means you aren’t able to customize the pacing as much as you might with pricier models. Moreover, with a limit of 15 balls before needing to replenish, pausing often to reload, can interfere with your flow.

This machine’s unique feature would be its affordability and ease of use, appealing to both new players and those looking to casually improve their game. Advanced players, however, might miss the exclusive adjustable ramp of the Pickleball Tutor Plus or the spinshot pickleball machine’s remote control, which give them more control over their training regime.

The build quality might also raise some concerns for those used to military-grade materials, but the Franklin ProShot’s price point makes it an accessible choice for players at all levels looking to take their game to the next level.


  • Enhances solo practice with an automatic ball release
  • Easily portable with dual power options
  • Simple assembly and lightweight design make it user-friendly


  • Limited ball capacity requires frequent reloading
  • No adjustable feed rate may slow down practice intensity
  • Some users report inconsistencies in performance
  • Ball Capacity: 15
  • Ball Interval Speed: 8 – 9 seconds

Furlihong 681PBH

Elevate your game with the Furlihong Pickleball Machine, a versatile tool designed for players at all levels seeking to improve their skills.

Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers - Furlihong 681PBH

Pickleball enthusiasts often seek equipment that can boost their performance during practice sessions. The Furlihong Pickleball Machine is a prime example of a tool that could aid in refining the strategies and response times of pickleball players. Unlike tennis ball machines, this compact design is specifically tailored for pickleball balls, ensuring your practice is as specialized as the game itself.

Your pursuit of mastering the third shot drop, perfect lobs, and quick volleys can now happen consistently, thanks to its adjustable ball speed and feed rate. The machine’s ability to be powered by an external battery pack or D batteries makes it the only machine you might consider for remote court practice. Although it lacks the heft of a military grade lobster sports thrower, it’s an excellent gateway to more advanced drills.

The Furlihong machine doesn’t come with the same versatility in random oscillation and spin options you would find in a higher-end model, nevertheless, it’s a piece of equipment poised to take any aspiring or casual pickleball player’s skills to the next level. It’s a stepping stone that might encourage you to invest in a more powerful machine with a larger ball capacity and unique features like a remote control down the line.

The Furlihong pickleball machine dispenses a ball every 4 seconds, offering adjustable height ranging from 3.6ft to 7.0ft and distance from 13.5ft to 18ft, making it ideal for beginners seeking skill enhancement.

In assessing pickleball machines, it’s always a good idea to compare the basics such as price point, build quality, and warranty. While most robust machines in the United States come with a hefty price tag accompanied by features such as stainless steel components and a lifetime warranty, this Furlihong model holds its own by offering a year-long warranty and a setup that’s functional for your daily grind.

To determine whether this specific product aligns with your needs, take a closer look at the link provided. It could very well be the ideal solution for boosting your game during both indoor and outdoor play, even if it doesn’t boast the longevity of a 10-12 hour battery life found in upscale models.


  • Offers portability with several power options
  • Adjustable angles and speeds cater to various skill levels
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty for buyers’ peace of mind


  • Limited ball capacity may interrupt practice sessions
  • Plastic build may not be as durable as stainless steel counterparts
  • Requires separate purchase of batteries for certain power setups


  • Ball Capacity: 19
  • Speed Range: 4 speeds
  • Ball Interval Speed: 4 seconds
  • Launch Height Range: 3.6-7.0 ft
  • Adjustable Angles: 3
  • Distance: 13.5ft – 18ft
  • Battery Life: Not Stated

Furlihong 3802PBH

If you’re dedicated to advancing your game, this feature-rich Furlihong pickleball machine could be your ideal practice partner.

Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers - Furlihong 3802PBH

Pickleball enthusiasts understand the value of a good practice session, and the Furlihong 3802PBH can elevate those sessions with its automatic ball release every four seconds and adjustable height from 1ft to 8ft, and distance from 17ft to 33ft. Whether you’re a casual player or an advanced player, customizable drills are at your fingertips thanks to adjustable height and speed. You can even align the machine for the perfect third shot drop or those challenging volleys at the net.

The portability of the Furlihong machine means you can enjoy your practice sessions in various locations. With the flexibility to be powered by an external battery pack, D batteries, or AC power, your training isn’t confined to places with direct power sources. For pickleball players who value outdoor play, this adaptability is invaluable.

While it may not boast the stainless steel construction or lifetime warranty seen in premium models like those from Simon Pickleball Machines or Lobster Sports, its twelve-month warranty offers peace of mind. Tailor the ball speed and feed rate to your skill level and get ready to take your game to the next level.

For players seeking a compact design with a significant 19 ball capacity, exploring the Furlihong machine is a great way to start. While it may not include all the bells and whistles—such as remote control or random oscillation seen in a top-tier unit—it certainly packs a punch for its size. With the expanding chutes, you can practice for extended periods before needing a refill.

When it comes to practice efficiency, the Furlihong is designed to accommodate only standard pickleball balls, ensuring consistent delivery and reliable performance. It’s this type of specificity that allows for a more focused practice, making it a perfect companion for both singles and doubles players seeking to improve their game.


  • Versatile power options for continuous outdoor use
  • Adjustable settings to simulate a variety of shots
  • Expandable ball capacity for longer practice sessions


  • Restricted to standard-size pickleball balls
  • Plastic construction may not suit all preferences
  • Lacks advanced oscillation features of premium models


  • Ball Capacity: 19
  • Speed Range: Not Stated
  • Ball Interval Speed: 4 seconds
  • Adjustable Height: 1ft to 8ft
  • Distance: 17ft to 33ft
  • Battery Life: Not Stated

Lobster Sports

The Lobster Pickle by Lobster Sports is worth considering for its cutting-edge features that cater to players of all levels looking to enhance their pickleball skills.

Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers - Lobster Sports

Pickleball enthusiasts, take note: the Lobster Pickle represents a significant leap for pickleball ball machines, rivaling even the best tennis ball machines. Its stainless steel construction and sleek design position it not only as a durable choice but also as an aesthetic addition to your sports gear. Unlike some other machines, this unit promises longevity and, with its 2-year warranty, peace of mind.

With an impressive ball capacity accommodating 135 pickleball balls, you’ll spend more time practicing your shots and fine-tuning your strategies. It stands out as the only machine with an exclusive adjustable ramp capable of launching balls at different speeds and trajectories, which is something even advanced players will appreciate. It’s not just about repetitive training; it’s about mastering the art, whether that’s a third shot drop or perfect lobs.

The Lobster Pickle boasts a trickle charger and remote control, further elevating its convenience factor. The remote control makes it easier to manage your sessions, mirroring the high standards set by brands like Sports Tutor or the Simon Pickleball Machines. Its remote works smoothly, allowing you to adjust the feed rate and oscillation features without interruption. Whether you’re engaging in solo drills or open play with companions, this pickleball ball machine stands ready to elevate your game to the next level.


  • Offers a high ball capacity and customizable drills, ideal for intensive practice sessions
  • Equipped with random oscillation and adjustable ball speed for dynamic playing experiences
  • Compact and portable design with large wheels ensures ease of transport for outdoor use


  • Higher price point compared to some basic models, though justified by premium features
  • Some customers experienced issues with battery life, necessitating contact with customer service
  • May require purchase of an external battery pack for players seeking longer uninterrupted practice


  • Ball Capacity: 135
  • Speed Range: 10 to 60 mph
  • Ball Interval Speed: Not Stated
  • Angle Control: 0 – 50 degrees
  • Distance: Not Stated
  • Battery Life: 2 -4 hours

Pickleball Tutor Mini

If you’re seeking to enhance your game, the Pickleball Tutor Mini equips you with a variety of shots to prepare for any match.

Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers - Pickleball Tutor Mini

Pickleball enthusiasts can expect a serious skill boost with the Sports Tutor’s Pickleball Tutor Mini. Its adjustable ball speed and feed rate facilitate drills that cater to players of all levels. Moreover, the compact design hints at the machine’s user-friendliness—ideal for quick setups and packing away post-practice.

Groundstrokes, dinks, lobs, and drives can be delivered at a pace from a leisurely 10 to a challenging 50 MPH, allowing to simulate real-game pressure. The 2 to 10-second interval settings compels you maintain focus and stay on your toes, improving your reaction time with each session.

Considering its durability and performance, the Pickleball Tutor Mini aligns with a variety of needs. Whether it’s outdoor use or repetitive training, this device provides stability with aluminum construction. You’ll find the oscillation features prime for simulating real play, making it a great way to prepare for competitive matches.

The start-up time delay is particularly thoughtful, providing ample time to get into position before the action begins. However, with a 60-ball capacity, you might find yourself refilling the machine somewhat frequently, which can interrupt the flow of intense training sessions.

Thoughtfully designed for practice efficiency, this model’s rechargeable battery supports extended sessions without the need for an external battery pack. The smart charger prevents overcharging, securing the device’s longevity. Noteworthy is the machine’s consistency in delivering shots, including the essential third shot drop, mimicking a live opponent’s unpredictability with its random oscillation.

Portability is a breeze thanks to the compact design, which is as tall as a standard Pickleball paddle when closed and weighs a mere 24 pounds. Plus, with the carrying handle, you can effortlessly transport the machine to various practice locations.

For thorough pickleball drills, the Pickleball Tutor Mini stands as an ideal solution, especially for those aiming to take their game to the next level with customizable drills. While it may not offer a lifetime warranty some players hope for, its robust three-year warranty from a reputable brand in the United States solidifies its spot among the best pickleball machines available today.


  • Portable and lightweight design for easy transportation
  • Adjustable controls for varied practice sessions including lobs and dinks
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery for extended playtime


  • Limited ball capacity may require frequent reloading
  • Lacks remote control functionality compared to some models
  • High initial investment for casual players


  • Ball Capacity: 60
  • Speed Range: 10-50 MPH
  • Ball Interval Speed: 2 – 10 seconds
  • Angle Control: None
  • Distance: Not Stated
  • Battery Life: Up To 3 hours

PPsmart App-Controlled

Evaluating the PPsmart, it’s a solid investment for players dedicated to elevating their game with consistent and adaptable practice sessions.

Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers - PPsmart App-Controlled

Pickleball continues to gain momentum, and players of all skill levels are exploring tools to improve their gameplay. The PPsmart pickleball machine represents a leap in portable training equipment. With advanced players in mind, it mimics a versatile partner perfect for mastering specific shots like the third shot drop or the perfect lob.

Considering the features of comparable units like the Slinger Bag or Simon pickleball machines, PPsmart stands out. It offers a substantial 100 ball capacity indicative of the best pickleball machines, ensuring minimal disruptions during your outdoor play.

While PPsmart does not boast random oscillation, its precise control over ball speed and frequency elevates your practice sessions. The PP-Smart’s app-driven functionalities allow you to customize your pickleball training machine with variable serving speed, frequency, and angles, ensuring each practice session reflects your unique style. Ball speed can be set from 20-120 km/h and the angle can be adjusted from 5 to 45 degrees.

Being resistant to mud and water, durability is key in outdoor use, and with its sturdy build quality, it can endure rigorous use without the excess weight. Its rechargeable battery that has a 5-8 hour life is convenient and its unique feature of an external battery pack allows for an easy swap and extended play.

In conclusion, your serious commitment to pickleball warrants considering the PPsmart. It’s the only machine you might need to take your skills to the next level, whether you’re working on customizable drills or repetitive training. Although a tennis ball machine might offer similar benefits, the precision design for pickleball makes the PPsmart particularly effective for pickleball enthusiasts looking to refine their techniques with a variety of drills.


  • Customizable settings for tailored workouts
  • High capacity for fewer refill interruptions
  • User-friendly remote control via app


  • Pricier compared to basic models
  • May be complex for casual players’ needs
  • Limited to pickleball ball use – no tennis balls


  • Ball Capacity: 100
  • Speed Range: 20 – 120km/h, (approx 12.4–74.565 mph
  • Ball Interval Speed: 1.8 – 8 seconds
  • Angle Control: 5 – 45 degrees
  • Distance: 30m
  • Battery Life: 5 – 8 hours

Xyun-A6 Elite

Your game can reach unprecedented levels with the Xyun-A6, thanks to its precision-driven tech and powerful features.

Best Pickleball Machine Ball Throwers - Xyun-A6 Elite

The Xyun-A6 is not just another pickleball ball machine; it’s a companion for players committed to elevating their game. This device offers a variety of advanced training modes, perfect for simulating realistic gameplay during your solo practice sessions.

Imagine adjusting the machine’s speed or frequency with just a few taps on your smartphone. That’s the convenience offered by the smart, remote control app that accompanies the Xyun-A6. Speed can be controlled from 20-120km/h and ball frequency can be set for control over speed (20-120km/h, approx 12.4–74.565 mph), frequency (1.8-8s/Ball), and serve direction. Whether you’re a casual player or vying to dominate the courts, the customizable drills and ease of control put you at the helm of your training.

With a robust rechargeable battery, you can enjoy continuous training without the interruption of power constraints. For pickleball players who loathe downtime, the long-lasting performance of the Xyun-A6 ensures you spend more time on perfecting lobs and less on charging.

However, reflect on the machine’s price point before purchasing, as it stands at a premium compared to basic models. Given its sophistication and innovative features, it justifies its cost for advanced players but may be less appealing to those seeking a simple device.

Remember, the Xyun-A6 is heavy. While it’s designed with large wheels for smoother transport and features an external battery pack, the weight could pose a challenge for some. Yet, if portability isn’t a concern, its durable build quality and stylish appearance are significant pluses.

In conclusion, embrace the Xyun-A6 as it propels your practice to the next level. This machine doesn’t just shoot pickleball balls; it provides a foundation for a transformative training experience. Your quest for the best pickleball machines ends here—as long as it aligns with your needs and budget.


  • Advanced training modes for varied practice sessions
  • Smart app control for hassle-free adjustments
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery for extended use


  • Higher price point may not suit all budgets
  • Limited to pickleball balls, lacking versatility
  • Heavy at nearly 33 lbs (15 kilograms), challenging to move for some


  • Ball Capacity: 100
  • Speed Range: 20 – 120km/h, (approx 12.4–74.565 mph
  • Ball IntervalSpeed: 1.8 – 8 seconds
  • Angle Control: 5 – 45 degrees
  • Distance: 30m
  • Battery Life: 5 – 8 hours

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When choosing a pickleball ball machine, prioritize the ball capacity and feed rate, ensuring that your practice sessions are lengthy and uninterrupted. The adjustable ball speed is crucial for catering to both beginners and advanced players.

Ball Capacity: Look for a capacity that suits your play style. Higher capacity means less frequent reloading.

Feed Rate: Determines how often a ball is thrown, essential for repetitive training.

Speed Range: Adjustable speeds are beneficial for practicing different speeds and shots, like the third shot drop.

Oscillation Features: A random oscillation function can mimic game-like scenarios, helpful for players of all levels.

Durability and Portability

Durability is paramount, so consider machines with build materials like stainless steel or HD aluminum especially for outdoor use. For portability, look for features like large wheels and a compact design.

Build Materials: Better materials equate to machine longevity.

Portability: Consider weight and ease of transportation for open play.

Power Options

Aim for longer practice times with rechargeable battery options or an external battery pack. Some machines offer 10-12 hour battery life, which is ideal for extended use without the need for constant recharging.

Battery Life: Longer battery life means more play time.

Power Options: Machines may offer an AC adapter, rechargeable, or external battery packs.

Additional Features

Look for a control panel that is user-friendly or a remote control to adjust settings mid-session. Machines offering oscillation patterns, spin capabilities, and a start-up time delay provide a more dynamic practice environment.

Control Systems: Ease of use can be a favorite feature.

Additional Settings: Customizability enhances your practice with options like spin or adjustable ramps.

Warranties and Support

A lifetime warranty or even a year warranty can provide peace of mind. Good customer service is essential for resolving potential issues.

Warranty: Longer warranties back up the machine’s quality.

Customer Support: Reliable support can make a difference, especially when investing in the best pickleball machines.

In summary, carefully evaluate the above features, always keeping in mind your personal needs and price point. Remember, the best thing about these machines is that they effectively elevate your game to the next level.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, investing in a quality pickleball machine ball thrower can significantly enhance your training regimen and take your game to new heights. From adjustable settings to advanced features like spin control and remote operation, the options showcased in this article offer a diverse range of capabilities to cater to players of all levels.

Whether you’re honing your serves, practicing volleys, or working on your footwork, these top-rated pickleball machines provide the consistency and reliability you need to excel on the court. By incorporating one of these ball throwers into your practice routine, you’ll have the opportunity to fine-tune your skills, build confidence, and ultimately, elevate your performance on the pickleball court.

We hope this guide has been helpful in your search for the perfect pickleball machine. Now, it’s time to select the ideal option for your needs, step up your training game, and enjoy the thrill of mastering this exciting sport!

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