The OWL Pickleball Paddle Review: 50% Less Noise?

The Owl PIckleball Paddle Review

The OWL Pickleball Paddle has ushered in a new era for players seeking an edge in the fastest growing sport in North America. With an endorsement from tennis legend John McEnroe, the OWL Paddle is praised as a transformational brand, offering unparalleled control and a softer feel, which could revolutionize your event play. Designed with not just performance but also acoustics in mind, it provides an excellent option for those competing in sound-sensitive locations where noise complaints are prevalent.

This elite version of the pickleball paddle embraces cutting-edge technology, focusing on a quiet playing experience without sacrificing durability. The meticulous commitment to a reduced acoustic footprint aligns with the USA Pickleball’s quiet category standards. Whether you’re playing in a casual game or aiming for the top player rankings in a USAP tournament, the OWL Paddle is designed to meet your needs with its quiet and effortless maneuverability.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The OWL Pickleball Paddle is endorsed by tennis legend John McEnroe, promising a quieter and more controlled playing experience.
  2. Its technology caters to players of all skill levels and is compliant with USA Pickleball quiet category standards, ensuring fewer noise complaints.
  3. The paddle provides a significant edge with a huge sweet spot and proprietary material for improved playability and comfort.
OWL Pickleball Paddle

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 15.8 inches long x 7.9 inches wide. The handle is 4.6 inches long and 4.13 inches in circumference. Weight average 7.9 Ounces

The large sweet spot on the paddle’s face points to increased control and accuracy. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been mastering the courts for years, the paddle is designed to suit all skill levels. With the OWL Paddle’s promise of enhanced control and power, players might find themselves making each shot with a newfound finesse.

Bottom Line

For a paddle that’s attuned to the needs of both the player and the community, the OWL Paddle is an impressive choice.

With its innovative design for quieter play and a stamp of approval from a tennis legend, it’s a piece of equipment that could transform your game.

Overview of The OWL Paddle, Premium Pickleball Paddle

Experience a game-changer in pickleball equipment with The OWL Paddle, designed to elevate your play regardless of your skill level. Recognized by USA Pickleball, it adheres to tournament standards and includes practical accessories like the Flight Protective Edge Guard Tape. Setting itself apart with its acoustically-engineered construction, The OWL considerably reduces noise levels during play, making it stand out in the sport’s quiet paddle category. It’s not just quiet, but also delivers an enhanced sweet spot for improved off-center hits.

Several players have found the balance between power, control, and comfort commendable, with the paddle’s unique vibration dampening technology providing a smoother experience that’s easier on your arm. Though some report it lacks in power compared to other paddles, the consensus is clear on its superior ball control and touch.

Despite its advantages, the premium cost of The OWL has raised eyebrows, but its promise of durability and comfort, along with its noise reduction benefits, may justify the investment for serious players looking for a quieter and more controlled game.

USA Pickleball Certified

When considering a new pickleball paddle, you want to ensure it meets the standards of the sport. The OWL Paddle is certified by USA Pickleball, aligning with the required guidelines for official play. This certification is an assurance of quality and playability for players at all skill levels.

However, it’s important to note that while certification indicates compliance with standards, it doesn’t automatically guarantee individual player satisfaction. Each player has unique preferences when it comes to grip, balance, and paddle weight. Although the OWL Paddle’s construction with its Polypropylene Honeycomb and proprietary Acoustene™ Composite offers a fine balance of control and power, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone’s game style.

In summary, the OWL Paddle’s USA Pickleball certification is a testament to its suitability for competitive play, ensuring it adheres to equipment regulations of the sport. It’s a green light for those seeking a certified paddle, yet personal play style and comfort should also be considered before making your choice.

Unprecedented Control and Playability

When it comes to enhancing your game, control and playability are paramount, and the OWL Paddle delivers on both fronts. Users report significant improvements in their ability to spin and maintain power, complemented by an impressive hone in on accuracy. The larger sweet spot is a definitive advantage, forgiving off-center hits and promoting consistent shots.

The innovation doesn’t stop there—this paddle stands out for its quietness, addressing noise concerns that are common with pickleball equipment. This could be particularly beneficial in noise-sensitive environments.

Comfort hasn’t been overlooked, either. The unique internal construction is designed to minimize vibrations, lessening strain on your arm and elbow during extended play. This focus on reducing physical stress signifies a commitment to player well-being alongside performance enhancement.

In terms of accessibility, the paddle suits a wide range of players, from beginners to seasoned pros, helping to elevate their game without the burden of a steep learning curve. While the paddle is not without its detractors, with some players preferring different attributes, the consensus suggests a measurable upgrade in both control and noise reduction, setting a new standard in the market.

Innovative Quiet Play Technology

Imagine stepping onto the court with a paddle that enhances your play without disturbing the peace. OWL Paddle’s latest innovation addresses this with a quieter game experience. Its unique materials, unlike anything in the industry, dampen the sound significantly. This isn’t just about minimising noise, it’s about enhancing precision and playability. A larger sweet spot means even off-center hits stay accurate, allowing you to maintain stealth and strategy.

Notably, the OWL Paddle has earned recognition for being in a league of its own when it comes to reducing racket. This feature places it squarely in USA Pickleball’s newly established quiet category, validating its exceptional performance in noise-sensitive environments.

OWL doesn’t compromise on durability for the sake of quietness. The paddle showcases a sturdy construction, aimed at delivering comfort to your arm and elbow through vibration dampening. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find value in its seamless integration of supreme playability and the tranquility of its Quiet Play Technology.

Durability and Comfort

While examining the OWL Paddle’s build quality, it’s evident that durability is a priority. Crafted with a unique vibration dampening layered construction, this paddle is engineered to reduce the strain on your arm and elbow during play—a considerable advantage for those long matches or back-to-back games. This attention to comfortable play could be a game-changer for picklers who experience fatigue or discomfort with standard paddles.

Additionally, the paddle is reported to maintain its performance over time, which makes it a wise choice for players looking for a long-lasting product. Users have summarized that despite extensive use, the paddle has held up without showing significant wear and tear.

It’s important to consider how a paddle feels during play, and the OWL Paddle’s design seems to address that with a focus on comfort without sacrificing playability. The grip size and the lightweight nature of the paddle suggest ease of handling for various skill levels, from beginners to pros, allowing a range of players to benefit from this balanced design. Overall, if you prioritize endurance both in your equipment and personal play, the comfort and durability aspects of the OWL Paddle are aspects you may appreciate.

Endorsement by John McEnroe

When tennis legend John McEnroe steps onto a pickleball court wielding the OWL Paddle, you know there’s something special about it. His endorsement carries the weight of his vast experience in racquet sports. With McEnroe’s backing, the OWL Paddle promises excellent playability and quieter performance.

You might find the noise reduction feature particularly appealing if you’re tired of the loud pops from traditional paddles. Users testify that the OWL Paddle cuts down on the noise, making it ideal for communities with noise restrictions. The paddle’s design not only appeals to those seeking a tranquil game but also to players looking for superior control and touch.

While some users commend the paddle for its large sweet spot and enhanced game control, others feel the premium price isn’t justified, mentioning dissatisfaction with the overall experience. McEnroe’s endorsement suggests a level of quality, but as with any product, personal preferences play a significant role in satisfaction.


When exploring the OWL Paddle’s advantages, several features stand out. Its certification by USA Pickleball ensures it’s a worthy choice for tournament play. Users experience superior control and spin, courtesy of its design, which includes a larger sweet spot for better accuracy with off-center hits.

The most notable feature is the significant noise reduction — a major relief for players and spectators alike. Moreover, the paddle offers excellent durability and comfort, thanks to its unique vibration dampening layered construction, which can also be gentler on your arm and elbow.

Another aspect that reflects the paddle’s versatility is that it caters to players at all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out or refining your professional skills, you’ll find that its performance adapts to every player’s needs.


Despite the appealing qualities, the OWL Paddle has a few shortcomings. Some users have indicated that while the paddle does well in control and spin, it doesn’t offer the highest level of power compared to others in the market.

There’s also feedback from consumers who found the paddle lacking and thus returned it; unfortunately, they encountered a less-than-ideal return process when dealing with the third-party seller, including additional costs.

Additionally, there have been instances where the paddle’s included accessories, such as the flight protective edge guard tape, didn’t meet the expectations of some players. This indicates that while it satisfies many, it may not be the universal solution for every pickleball enthusiast’s preferences.

In summary, the OWL Paddle is innovative in design with a major focus on playability and noise reduction. However, those seeking extreme power might find it falling just short, and everyone should be mindful of potential return process issues when not ordering directly from the manufacturer.

What Customers Have Said

Pickleball enthusiasts have shared mixed feelings about the OWL Paddle. Many users have highlighted its standout feature: the remarkable noise reduction. It’s often described as noticeably quieter compared to standard paddles, which can be a relief for both players and spectators. The paddle is also commended for its large sweet spot and ability to enhance game performance through improved control and touch.

On the flipside, some players found it didn’t live up to their power expectations despite its high-performance claims. Additionally, there’s feedback regarding the total cost, factoring in return shipping expenses, which left a few customers dissatisfied.

However, for residents in noise-sensitive areas, this paddle has been a match, helping adhere to local regulations while enjoying the sport. It’s clear that while the OWL Paddle hits the mark for many, especially in terms of playability and reduced vibration, it may not suit everyone’s play style or budget considerations.

Wrapping Up the OWL Paddle’s Insight

In the ever-evolving sport of pickleball, the OWL pickleball paddle has emerged as an option that caters particularly well to sound-sensitive locations. Acknowledged as the quietest paddle on the market, it neatly aligns with rules set by the national governing body, presenting as an asset during event play, especially at USA Pickleball sanctioned premier tournaments.

Key Attributes:

  • Quietness: Aligns with USA Pickleball Quiet Category standards.
  • Performance: Offers a delicate balance of spin, power, and great feel.
  • Innovation: Constitutes a first paddle with unique acoustics-related solutions.

For players seeking superior playability with reduced acoustic footprint, the OWL paddle is a stride towards advancement in the racket sports industry. Its soft feel and elbow comfort accommodate the requirements of a diverse group of people, from newcomers relishing their first game of pickleball to seasoned competitors.

As we observe the continued expansion of the sport, the introduction of gear like the OWL paddle, certified as a quiet category option, is an exciting milestone. Its refined acoustene technology minimizes the decibel level, thereby addressing the source of noise complaints without sacrificing the game’s performance expectations.

For those who prioritize quietness and meticulous commitment to revolutionary design, the OWL paddle may represent the best playing paddle in the context of sound-sensitive conditions. And yet, it’s essential to note that personal preference plays a considerable role; what’s deemed the most innovative performance paddle for some may not resonate with every enthusiast in the pickleball world.

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